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Hi all,

I'm feeling a bit stupid here, but here goes:

If I have the following statement

$Tile[19] = StringSplit('20,28,27,18,10,11',',')

I want to access the value 27, so I try MsgBox(0,'',$Tile[19][3])

I get the following error message:

Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

How would I go about accessing that value WITHOUT creating another variable to hold the value?
----[ SandyD ]---
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Not possible, i believe; that is why I made Array2D.au3; eg

#include <Array2D.au3>
global $ar1_Array_Strings[3]
$ar1_Array_Strings[0] = '00,08,07,08,00,01'
$ar1_Array_Strings[1] = '90,98,97,98,90,91'
$ar1_Array_Strings[2] = '20,28,27,18,10,11'
$Tile=_Array2DCreateFromArraySt($ar1_Array_Strings, 0, 0,",")
;~ $Tile[19] = StringSplit('20,28,27,18,10,11',',')
Best, Randall
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