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Hi all, i need some help in my script....it suppose to search a region with pixelchecksum and wait for the region to change colour. after the region colour changes it sends a mouse click. I have used the search function and tried few ways but i couldn't get it to work. Hope someone will help =)

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$coord = PixelSearch( 0, 0, 1024, 786, 0xFFFFFF )
If Not @error Then
    MouseClick("LEFT",$coord[0], $coord[1])
EndIfoÝ÷ Øרþ«¨µã^yÛh¶©¶­v¥¢nØ¥×âÛ"µ«­¢+Ù]¡¥±ÉɽÈ(ÀÌØí½½ÉôA¥á±MÉ  À°À°ÄÀÈаÜàØ°Áá¤(M±À ÄÀ¤)]¹)5½ÕÍ
±¥¬ ÌäíAÉ¥µÉäÌäì°ÀÌØí½½ÉlÁt°ÀÌØí½½ÉlÅt°Ä°Ä
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