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'popup launcher' box

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I have a small script to automatically click 2 dialog boxes that appear when we print drawings. I works fine (thanks to 'thatsgreat2345')

However now another dialog box pops up called "popup launcher" The message that appears says "popup launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close" It also has a button to debug. Why does this appear? how can I make it disappear?

Thanks Russ

below is my script :

While 1

If WinExists("Equitrac Office") Then

ControlClick("Equitrac Office","","Button3")


If WinExists("Cost Preview") Then

ControlClick("Cost Preview","","Button2")




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Yes it does. However this dialog box does not always appear. This is why I think it might be a time problem. On the smaller sized prints it doesn't seem to happen, but it does happen on the larger file size prints.

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