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Question with a few Excel techniques

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Hello, I am still exploring autoit and learning daily.

However even after browsing and searching through the forums.

There are still a couple of questions that I have no clue on how to solve.

Can someone help me please or maybe give some suggestion how I should go about solving it.

I have 4 questions.

1. How could I open an xml file in xml data form? If I just simly use the excel UDF, it opens as a regular spreadsheets and I can't edit it.

2. And after Opening it how can I save it back to xml data form? I know it can be achieved through macroed saves. But is there a function that can auto save it?

3. If the above question is impossible to do. What other methods is best used for editing XML data? Any leads in this topic would be awesome.

4. How do I copy a cell, and paste it with the effect of "value only", meaning that it skips over the formula and paste the result of the formulated cell?

Any helps, sample codes, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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It is not possible with my excelCom; but I don't know about @Locodarwin's; or @BigDaddy might know.

In general, I can help if you post the code you use to do something using a recorded macro in excel vba; then i can usually convert it.

best, randall

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To directly manipulate an XML document, you may wish to review the XML DOM. There are a variety of techniques using the MS XML parser engine, which is COM-aware. Search for XMLDOM. Also, review the enumerated excel constants.

Review the Open and SaveAs methods for the various options that are supported to open / save / convert file formats within excel.

Const $xlTextMSDOS = 21
Const $xlXMLSpreadsheet = 46

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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