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MsoCommandBar in PowerPoint

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I have some add-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint. Each add-in is MsoCommandBar object. I need to click buttons on my add-ins, but I have a problem: Same CommandBar can have ID MsoCommandBar4, MsoCommandBar5, MsoCommandBar2 - and I cannot access it using controlID. Can I access this control using "text" only?

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It is possible to access a control by text as well.

see here for a short example :

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) ; Allow ClassName lookup to avoid window confusion
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) ; Change to OnEvent mode
Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 0) ; Fatal errors not to crach the scripts = 0
; Opt("WinTextMatchMode", 2) ; 2 = Quick

Global $handleList = ""

While 1
    $appWindow = WinGetHandle("classname=TsShellWinClass","Drawings")

See in the help file for more info on WinGetHandle and WinTitleMatchMode

Hope this helps you going



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sorry, not ControlID - ClassNameNN changes.. One element on every start of PowerPoibt has new ClassNameNN.

I try use WinTitleMatchMode, but it works only with windows.

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