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Confused with "WinGetCaretPos".


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$a = WinGetCaretPos()
If Not @error Then MsgBox(0,"First Method Pos", $a[0], $a[1])

$b = _CaretPos()
If Not @error Then msgbox(0,"Second Method Pos", $b[0], $b[1])

Func _CaretPos()
    Local $x_adjust =  5
    Local $y_adjust = 40
    Opt("CaretCoordMode", 2)              
    Local $c = WinGetCaretPos()           ;relative caret coords
    Local $w = WinGetPos("")              ;window's coords
    Local $f = ControlGetFocus("","")     ;text region "handle"
    Local $e = ControlGetPos("", "", $f)  ;text region coords

    Local $t[2]
    If IsArray($c) and IsArray($w) and IsArray($e) Then
        $t[0] = $c[0] + $w[0] + $e[0] + $x_adjust
        $t[1] = $c[1] + $w[1] + $e[1] + $y_adjust
        Return $t     ;absolute screen coords of caret cursor

I am so confused....

i made it do a message box.... it's giving me random numbers.... what do these numbers mean?

Can anyone explain to me how this works? Help is very appreciated!

tolle indicium

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