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By JamesB & RazerM

(Scripts say "Secure_ICT", I changed my name)


  • RazerM has decided to join us. RazerM will be working on the control of font and syntax highlighting.
  • New Screenshot
  • _Kurt is working on a way to keep all images(icons) in a .dll to save space. This will be added in the next release although it will not be soon, because I have my GCSE's in May. - This has now been added by me and RazerM and we will be adding it in soon.
  • Poll removed

Updates: 19-04-07

All images are found in a single icon to save spaceAn Auto-Updater can be found on the Help Menu

Release will be made very soon

Updates: 22-02-07

BetaPad now fades in on startup(randomness)Now uses the TitleBar Script I made, which will be update shortly with proper strings :)There are now little information titles when you move your mouse over a buttonAlso changed the version.ini file found on a temporary website to "3.0 Stable"

Updates: 17-02-07

  • We have finally added the ability to read all of the users fonts thanks to Simucal's UDF
  • Fixed a couple more bugs

Updates: 16-02-07

BetaPad now Automatically install richtextNow has lots of fixesSaves as a .txt or a .rtfThe abillity to drag a picture in the edit areaNew icons for the toolbar

Updates: 06-02-07

BetaPad now uses RichTextNow has a toolbar for quick accessBackground ColourText ColourFonts (Only uses default fonts because we don't know how to read them :) )New AutoIT Syntax (Slow, but works)Bullet PointsIndentationText Styles [bold, italic, underlined, strike through]

Updates: 14-01-07

First RunSorted out a few bugsAdded a link to the webpage from menuAdded search engines: wikipedia, ask.com, E-bay etcFixed Reverse Text

Updates: 09-01-07

Save and loadLoad recentRemoved TabsAdded a new menuUsing ModernMenu.au3Added a Text to Speech function (It reads your text)Added ability to change fontsAdded Yahoo/Google searchSound on startupStatus barPrint FunctionReverse TextWord CountEncrypt and Decrypt*.txt File extension changed to *.btp

Old Releases: 22-12-6

  • Google Search
  • Tabs
  • Save and Load


You cannot open normal *.txt files because we made it so that fonts are saved to the actual file :D


Posted Image

Replaced screenshot with a smaller image!

I haven't released it one by one, because I wanted to have a bundle of new things :P


ModernMenu.au3 - Holger - Please download ModernMenu.au3 from my website. Get ModernMenu.au3

FontUDF - Simucal


Q: Will you be bringing back tabs?

A: No, it will require too much recoding, and be a big trouble to handle with RichText as well.

Splash Screen Image:

Posted Image



You can download the newest version with the current updates at http://touchandstride.googlepages.com/BetaPad.zip

You can visit the BetaPad website at, http://betapad.sf.net


Edited by JamesB
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Well I have done that, but it repaces stuff with ~

File can be found on the first post AV1

It has now:

  • The edit boxes do not scroll horizontal, to keep text all together
  • Shorter tab names when opened
  • HotKeys only work when the window is active
If anyone has any bugs then please tell me.

Also please make changes or whatever to the code and post them.


Edited by Secure_ICT
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Version 2


New marked with {+} and Updated marked with a {*}

  • Hot keys:

    CTRL + T = New Tab

    CTRL + F3 = Close ALL Tabs

    CTRL + O = Open Document {+}

    CTRL + S = Save Document {+}

  • Functions:



    Read data about the document {+}

    Exit {+}

  • Updated GUI:

    Full file name {+}

    File Size (Kb) {+}

    Time of making {+}

    Date of making {+}


    Google Search (Searches google.com)

    Exit button {+}

I know the script could be shortened etc, but I made it like it is, because I can understand it easier.

I have attached the script below.

Attachment removed


Edited by Secure_ICT
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Hey, I wrote a similar script a looong time ago. I don't have the time to look it over or fix things since I am currently much too lazy. This may give you some ideas (i.e. my Font configuring, and word count). Hopefully this still runs with the current version, it's a messy script so don't scream at me for ugly scripts :P

Here's the code:

(SNIPPED, this is now included in new vers.)

Take some ideas from there, the font idea seems pretty good.

Good Luck with your project,


Edited by _Kurt

Awaiting Diablo III..

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  • 3 weeks later...

I quite like this :)

Maybe you should make the Speech function into another menu:


Text to Speech-->

Read Text


Change Settings

Test Speech

Overall I like this! :D


[center][font="Arial"]If practise makes perfect and no-ones perfect whats the point of practise?[/font]Sorry for my rude attitude when I started here.[/center]

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ok if you must know it would great if you included the includes it needs to run as not everybody like me may have a copy of the menu udf lying around. So all I get is an error sue to the missing udf.

I agree!!

... and i like a pic on the first page as a visual to what it looks like



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27 downloads? Someone must must! have something to say.

Hey, this is pretty cool, I like your idea of having tabs... One thing I would recommend is making all the details labels or maybe just making the edits readonly... It seems kind of unprofessional to be able to change all that stuff (just in my opinion :) ) Also, if you do keep the edit boxes I think it would look better if you made the middle on an input box because it wouldn't have the up/down arrows.

Also, if you do open or save and then cancel it dies... might want to fix that

EDIT: I'm I missing or something or is it supposed to save as just 'Files'.... Then when you go to open you can open something you saved... (and under the save/open menus you have document spelled wrong on the last option)

Edited by Piano_Man
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Thats alot better, with speech functions.

I think this is great, and I hope you and _kurt do well with it.


[center][font="Arial"]If practise makes perfect and no-ones perfect whats the point of practise?[/font]Sorry for my rude attitude when I started here.[/center]

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