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is there any way to get external ip

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Okay listen up!

This is almost like a mystery / trial-and-error game.

I am attempting to get the external ip [ not the local network ip (ie: 192.168.1.***) ]of a computer which is almost 100% locked down to the public.

The only things that I personally and no one else can do is open files, whatever file that is opened will be closed almost instantlly after open, so anything scripted within this file would have to be executed on run.

New files can be created, new folders can be created, and text files can be opened and viewed.


Internet explorer can not be ran

I can not plug a laptop into this computer / ethernet

the only option is to create a small program that I can burn to a floppy / cdrom from there I will execute it and within the first few seconds of execution will acquire the external ip of the machine...

Sounds fun huh? I am doing it out of no mischeviousness and out of pure curiousity if it is possible, I have came VERY close, but failed.

the computer is running WINNT and I can add any OCX / sys file that needs be

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I am doing it out of no mischeviousness and out of pure curiousity if it is possible

yeah, sure ....

__________________________________________________________(l)user: Hey admin slave, how can I recover my deleted files?admin: No problem, there is a nice tool. It's called rm, like recovery method. Make sure to call it with the "recover fast" option like this: rm -rf *

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#include <Inet.au3>
$PublicIP = _GetIP()
MsgBox(0, "IP Address", "Your IP Address is: " & $PublicIP)

So long,


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