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Ok - so here's my work in progress...

basically im making a 'pattern scanner' ... but im having some problems trying to thinking of how my loops would work... little brain dead now after completing the first part of it - the pattern array maker...

first i'll explain the pattern maker - basically is scans a block of the screen you select and puts the color of the pixels in an array ($PixelArr[$Y][$X])

OK... so now my dilema is making the scanner...

first i'll explain my theory for how i want it to work - you specify a box of searchable area - i'll select from 0,0 to 100,100 for this example.

Basically the scanner should take the key pixel - (using $PixelArr[0][0]), compare it to the existing pixel at 0,0 - and if no match is found, proceed to scan next pixel to the right. HOWEVER - if a match should be found, it should take $PixelArr[0][1] and compare the pixel next to it, instead of [0][0], and continue to do this, incrementing each time it finds a match[when it reaches the 'width' if the pattern, it would increment the y 1, reset X, then begins search again] - if it finds one that does not match, then continue where it left off with the key pixel search location...

the problem im having is making the loops to run such a scan.

Any Help would be Appreciated.. Thanx

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Something with 2 for loops liek an example here

For $i = 0 To $X
    For $j = 0 to $Y
        If $PixelArr[$i][$j] = $SOMETHING Then ExitLoop

itll only exit the Y loop so you'll have to do like a boolean varibale(true false thingy) and if it is true then exit the $x loop as well

EDIT: Woops put the wrong variables in

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