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Creating New Functions?

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I realize that this prog has no GOTO cmd, so I have learned the looping trick to return where I was. (Like a Main Menu)

Is there a way to create Subs and Funtions? Cuz it would clean up my programming A LOT! I am a real neat freak, and ADHD to boot, and I hate getting to a point where I can't keep straight what my code is doing!

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;create a function by doing this

Func OpentheFile($s_FileName,$i_OpenValue = 0);These are the values that you input, the second value is optional, so if you don't use it, it defaults to 0

;Put whatever you want the function to do in here:
Local $h_File
$h_File = FileOpen($s_FileName,$i_OpenValue )
Return $h_File
;you could also do everything above in the following line
;Return FileOpen($s_FileName,$i_OpenValue )

;Now to call the function, you do something like this:

Dim $h_OpenFile = OpentheFile("test.txt"); i made the second parameter optional by making it equal to something when i declared the function, it will now open it with a second value of 0


;you can also open

Dim $h_OpenFile2 = OpentheFile("test.txt",1);since the second parameter is specified, the file will now open with the second parameter equal to 1.  It will ignore the fact that you had it equal to zero when you declared the function.


There is a little example i whipped up.

-The Kandie Man

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ok, so....

Func OpentheFile($s_FileName,$i_OpenValue = 0) defines the funciton CALL and any defaults I want to build in....

EndFunc - obviously closes out the Function definition,

Local $h_File - ? I assume this would be like a DIM, but DIMmed only within this function, right?

$h_File = FileOpen($s_FileName,$i_OpenValue ) - No Brainer - action within the function

Return $h_File is obviously what it'll give me back

OMG! Thank you, this'll clean up my codes a LOT!

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