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Run progressbar while doing other stuff...

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I've got a question. I would like to have a working progressbar on my gui while a com object is working.

The progressbar isnt't to indicate the right percentage - it's just to show the whole programm is still working...

My problem is the progressbar is only working while the com object hasn't been started or has finished ...

I have to mention that my gui is always on top and the com object opens some windows ...

How can I manage it that the progressbar is update during the com object is working?

Greetings mozart90

Func myadlib()                                                          $NProgress= $NProgress+1 
    if $NProgress > 100 then $NProgress=1 

func doComWorks()                                                       
AdlibEnable("myadlib", 100); 

run several com objects


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