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HotKeySet() & GUICtrlEDIT 2 problems

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How to define a hotkey and let it send different contents everytime you press it?


1st time you press {F8},it send("{1}");

2nd time you press {F8},it send("{2}");


100 times you press {F8},it send("{100}")


$tring="this is a book"

1st time you press {F8},clipput(stringleft($string,4));

2nd time you press {F8},clipput(stringmid($string,4,8));

3rd time you press {F8},clipput(stringfight($string,5));


BTW,How to make GUIctrlEDIT auto change lines in it,i.e.let it has a V-scrollbar and hasn't a H-scrollbar?

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Sumthing like this work?





\/ Hotkey action



case $AmmountOfKeyPress=0

;execute code 1


case $AmmountOfKeyPress=1

;execute code 2


case $AmmountOfKeyPress=2

;execute code 3



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