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any one good at Autoit 3? (wow bot) >_<

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hi ppl. I am a noob with Autoit 3, so i was wundering if any one could help me. I am makeing a afk battleground bot. I have made one, but its kind a simple. So can any one tell me how to:

1. Make a start menu for it, where you could put in password, account, place of char and. Then save the config into the Autoit, and what Battleground you would like to join AV or AB(for the mouse X and Y).

2. Can autoit see colors or pic? Coz if I can get that to work, it would be very nice. Then the bot would know if it was in a battlegroundg or at a battlemaster.


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AutoIt has some "pixel detection" type of commands, just search for pixel in the help file, you'll get a bunch.

For the "start menu" you want, just create a GUI with inputs and use those inputs for the password and such.

here's the example from the help file:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

GUICreate(" Test", 320,120, @DesktopWidth/2-160, @DesktopHeight/2-45, -1, 0x00000018); WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES
$input = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "Type in something", 10,  5, 300, 20)

GUISetState () 

While 1
    sleep(10) ;Keeps GUI open

MsgBox (4096, "Test", "You typed:" & GUICtrlRead($input)) ;Notice how GUICtrlRead is used to "read" what the user typed in

EDIT: simplified code a bit

Edited by BALA

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