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Detecting that a user pressed an OK button.

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I'm curently migrating Lotus Notes and I need the user to input his password in the middle of my script. My problem is that I need a way of knowing when the OK button is pressed.

Is it possible to detect this event ?

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$confirm = MsgBox(0, "'ello!", "Blah Blah Blah-izzle")
    If $confirm = 1 Then
        ;add code here

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wouldnt you normally put it after the rest of the script after the msgbox? what exactly are you asking?

if you mean like after an ok/cancle, try this out:

Dim $iMsgBoxAnswer

$iMsgBoxAnswer = MsgBox(65,"Title","Text")


Case $iMsgBoxAnswer = 1 ;OK

Case $iMsgBoxAnswer = 2 ;Cancel


if you mean an OK button that wasn't created by the script, then I have no idea XD

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K let me reexplain this :)

Lotus Notes display a login panel with a OK and cancel button (The OK button is not something I created in a msgbox... It belong to lotus notes) everytime you open the program. I would like to know when the user is pressing the OK button of that specific panel.

Basicly I would like to be able to do this :

While 1

If Button1 IsPressed = 1 Then

Msgbox("Now I know you try to log in and I can continue my script once I made sure you entered the right password)



Basicly how can I check If the user pressed that OK button onthe lotus login box...

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Setup your script to wait for the lotus window, set it to hide, then show your own messagebox to get the answer from the user, then pass the answer to the lotus window. You should then know who pressed what.


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