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help with icq advertiser...

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my friend has a radio on internet so i want to build a program to advertise it

and the msg is in hebrew so i used send to write it

but when it come to the part it should write the address it writed whierd sines

i am trying to do send cntrl+v (paste) so i tryd

Send ("^v")


Send ("{^v}")

but it doesnt seem to work

any help please

and another thing i want the script to repeat it self by a value i can set manually or a value with gui

because the script should go like this

set my icq windows active

press enter for new message

write the msg

send the msg

close conversion

send down

and repeat

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isant there a way to press cntrl + v or function to paste things

and another thing

how can i use ControlListView

to select in my msn somone?

the select command only selects from, to

i want to select a text is it possible?

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