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How do i make events for a slide bar?


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I making a Autoclicker and i want the speed to be controlled by a slider bar that is vertical. i found a vertical one on the forum but i dont know to set events for it.. I want to have 6 stage Slowest,Slow,Normal,Fast,Fastest and Extreme. but how?

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$My_GUI = GUICreate("slider",220,220, 100,200)
GUISetBkColor (0x00E0FFFF); will change background color

$slider1 = GUICtrlCreateSlider (10,10,20,200,BitOR($TBS_AUTOTICKS,$TBS_VERT))
GUICtrlSetLimit(-1,0,-100) ; change min/max value
$button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Value?",75,70,70,20)
GUICtrlSetData($slider1,-45); set cursor

  $n = GUIGetMsg ()
   If $n = $button Then
      MsgBox(0,"slider1",Int(GUICtrlRead($slider1)) * -1,2) 
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You could take a look at the event-driven GUI mode, but it takes a lot of processing.

You can simulate an event using AdlibEnable to run a checking function every x milliseconds.

something like this:

AdlibEnable ("CheckForEvents", 200)

; Put GUI lines here

While (1)
    ; Put GUI loop lines here

Func CheckForEvents ()
    Switch (GUICtrlRead ($SliderBar)
        ; The cases go here

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