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Enhancement to playing Video Files also


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Autoit 3.2.2

in module "Sound.au3" i added a few lines to play differnet fileformat too and video (original code didnt display video output on my machine )

Func _SoundOpen($hFile, $sAlias = "")
    ;Declare variables
    Local $sSnd_id, $iCurrentPos, $iRet
    ;check for file
    If Not FileExists($hFile) Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)
    ;search for whitespace by character
    For $iCurrentPos = 1 To StringLen($sAlias)
        If StringIsSpace(StringMid($sAlias, $iCurrentPos, 1)) Then Return SetError(3, 0, 0)
    ;create random alias if one is not supplied
    If $sAlias = "" Then
        $sSnd_id = RandomStr(10)
        $sSnd_id = $sAlias

    ; for opening other files as well (AVI, MUS, DIVX)  
    ; MUS = MPEG 1 Layer2 audio file format for Broadcast Station (DAB) etc .. 

    If StringInStr(FileGetShortName($hFile), ".MUS") > 0  Or StringInStr(FileGetShortName($hFile), ".AVI") Or StringInStr(FileGetShortName($hFile), ".DIVX") Then
        $iRet = mciSendString("open " & FileGetShortName($hFile) & " type MPEGVideo alias " & $sSnd_id)
        $iRet = mciSendString("open " & FileGetShortName($hFile) & " alias " & $sSnd_id)
    ; --- end enhancement 

    Return SetError(0, $iRet, $sSnd_id)
EndFunc   ;==>_SoundOpen
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