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PixelCheckSum count


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Hi im trying to Count every time a pixel gets 1 color... but my script only counts 1 time.. i tested diffrent ways, i dont realy get how pixelchecksum works.. so if any1 could help me it would be nice

i have also searched for same kind but cant get it.

While 1
 $PGC11 = PixelGetColor(14,718)
  GUICtrlSetBkColor($output, $PGC11) ;debugger
    If $cs4 = not PixelCheckSum(14,718,14,718) then ;
        $fail = $fail + 1
        GUICtrlSetData($m2, $fail)
    $cs4 = PixelCheckSum(14,718,14,718)
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Trying to make an OCR?

There is no PixelCheckSum by color.

This is as close as you'll come without using PixelGetColor() for every pixel.


Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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No. the PixelGetColor in the code is just a debugger as i wrote in it, i just want to c if that pixel is changing.. if it do i want to count every change. like fors from red to green, then from green to blue, etc

Edit: I would also like to know what the PixelCheckSum returns? if change an @error? or a 0, or what?

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