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Welcome to the forum. Nice first question if I may say so..:)

This will get you the handle. Search for Shell_TrayWnd for more info.

Func testTrayBar()

Happy scripting.

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whatever hidden or show,All return the same result . It is impossible to judge the status of windows taskbar

All result showed 0*0003004c

which language is "DBG"?

run "dbg" tip error !

As follows:

"ERROR: dbg(): undefined function. dbg(WinGetHandle("classname=Shell_TrayWnd"))"


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I did not provide all the code to do what you want. I did however provide the most important part to figure out what you want in the forum. It has been done before. Like most things. So, did you do a search for +classname +Shell_TrayWnd ???

dbg is a udf (my own). From the code you should be able to figure out how it works. Even a search would have helped as I have posted it several times the last week. But, ok, from the top of my head:

Func dbg($msg, $erl=@ScriptLineNumber, $err=@Error, $ext=@Extended)
    ;NOTE: Double click on a line with this format in SciTE will make it jump to the line in the current buffer.
    ConsoleWrite("(" & $erl & ") := (" & $err & ")(" & $ext &  "): " & $msg & @LF)
    If $err <> 0 OR $ext <> 0 Then Return SetError($err, $ext, 0)
    Return 1

So, all you get from the code in my first post is a window handle. That handle can be used in other Win* functions to figure out if the window is visible or not. I'm not on windows now so I can't help with that at the moment, sorry.

There is another solution to. The start button has a rather specific icon in it. SO you could use PixcelGetColor at the startbuttons coordinates (the red and blue area) to figure out if it is visible or not.

Happy Scripting

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