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Getting my USB drive to open AND run some scripts

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Hi I have been trying this for ages.

My USB drive has autorun.inf on it which contains:


label=Aaron's Memory Stick.

shell\runner = Open etc.

shell\runner\command = run.exe


which means that when I double click on the drive in my computer, it starts run.exe instead of opening the drive to view the files.

What I want is for it to do BOTH.

Right now the first line of my script run.exe contains

; when you double-click on the drive in My Computer, opens the drive by going File > Open.

and this gets around the problem, but is very messy and I don't like it. Is there another way of performing the same action? For instance, how do i find out what command windows executes when I click "File > Open"?

One major problem I have with this is that if you double click on run.exe directly it loops.

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Something like:


EDIT: After reading your post again I get the feeling I might have misunderstood what you want?

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If you want it to open in the same window you will have to identify the window.. I dont know if its a script only for you, if so use the

;Change "Denne Computer" to whatever its named at your place (My Computer)
$MyComputer = "Denne computer"
$Dir = StringLeft(@AutoItExe, 2)
$handle = WinGetHandle($MyComputer)
If @error Then
    ControlSetText($handle, "", "Edit1", $Dir)
    ControlFocus($handle, "", "Edit1")
    ControlSend($handle, "", "Edit1", "{ENTER}")

You might be able to do it via com objects, though i never tried

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