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need help

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hi codemasters!

i have a problem:

i have a .dat file who contains values like:

Key: 6

Key: 7

Key: 8

Key: 9

Key: 10

Key: 11

Key: 12

Key: 14

Key: 15

Key: 16

Key: 17

Key: 18

Key: 20

Key: 21

Key: 23

Key: 24

Key: 32

Key: 34

Key: 35

i must make a gui window with a radio buton for each value from the.dat file


the values from the .dat file is not the same each time i open it

have any ideas?

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Use StringSplit to break the text on the line breaks.

Then do a loop creating radio buttons. Like this:

Dim $RadioButtons[35]

For $i = 0 To 34 Step 1
    $RadioButton[$i] = GUICtrlCreat...

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