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Damb Custom Controls

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Hi this is one of my first posts asking for help i usualy track down what i need with a combination of help file and forum searching. Dont burn me if this is a generic question that has been answered a hundred times. (ok enough self depricating get to the point man) :D

I am trying to automate a program called Spyware Blaster which is full of Custom Controls at the moment i am trying to get the control handle so that i can call the control through this but it doesnt seem to work.

If you need a copy of Spyware blaster you can find it here Spyware Blaster Link

and no i'm not advertising for them

Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 0)

Dim $size, $var

Run("C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster\spywareblaster.exe")
$size = WinGetPos("SpywareBlaster")
$coord = PixelSearch( 145, 365, 327, 426, 0x0066CC )
$error = @error
While $error = 1
$coord = PixelSearch( 145, 365, 327, 426, 0x0066CC )
$error = @error
$var = ControlGethandle("SpywareBlaster" , "" , "ThunderRT6UserControlDC2")

If this code looks a bit basic it is because i am just testing :)

Any suggestions how to solve this? Without resorting to mouse control

Ps. I have seen the custom control funtion list Auto3lib and it seems very difficult to impliment mabey my brain is to small to comprehend the help file :D

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