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Where do my graphics go when I compile?

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Hi, first time here.. having some nice success with my first program. But when i convert to an .exe file, i lose all my GUICtrlCreatePic(xxx.bmp) files. The GUI just isn't as pretty without them! If i put the graphics files in a directory that the exe can point to, they do become visible, but i don't want to actually include a directory full of graphics with my exe, so how can i embed the graphics into the exe file?

Please and thanks!


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FileInstall is now your friend... :)

Thanks so much for the fast reply...

So i'm going to have to add a line that actually removes the files that get copied so they don't remain when i run the exe?

Seems strange i can't just embed the files, is there any other way?

Thank you so very much for your help!

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