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Progressbar error

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Hi everyone!

There is a script:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <Misc.au3>
$CurrentWindow = GUICreate( "",250,100, -1,-1)
$ProgressBarStartPosition = 0
$ProgressBarStep = 0.1
$ProgressBarCurrentPosition = 0
$ProgressBarMaxPosition = 100

$CopyProgressbar = GUICtrlCreateProgress (10,15,200,20)
$CopyProgressbarPercentLabel = GUICtrlCreateLabel ("0 %", 10,40,200,20,$SS_CENTER)
$start = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Start",10,60,70,22)
GUISetState ( @SW_SHOW, $CurrentWindow )

Func Progress()
        For $ProgressBarCurrentPosition = 0 To $ProgressBarMaxPosition Step $ProgressBarStep
        Dim $ProgressBarCurrentPosition
        GUICtrlSetData ( $CopyProgressbar, $ProgressBarCurrentPosition )
        GUICtrlSetData ( $CopyProgressbarPercentLabel, $ProgressBarCurrentPosition & " %" )
        Sleep ( 100 )
    $msg = GUIGetMsg ( 1 )  
    Case $msg [0] = $start
Until $msg[0] = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Main function is show progress.

When I push Start button, everything work fine.

But after $CopyProgressbarPercentLabel=>"6%" it began show 6.199999999% etc.

Where I mistaken?

I need only one nuber after point.

Also I want to know how to stop, pause, continue Func Progress()

Thanks for help!

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