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Help with array / looping


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I'm working on a bot.

But there is one thing i don't know.

At the begin of the script i want a input box.

That asks for an ID, and repeats that until cancel has been pressed.

Example input:





HotKeySet("{END}", "StartBot2")

$value = InputBox("Enter ID", "Please insert all ID's", "")  ;Repeat this until cancel has been pressed

;After Cancel, keep running
While 1

;When Hotkey has been pressed, start function.
;I want this function to loop once the hotkey has been pressed once.
Func StartBot2()
MouseClick("left", 459, 67, 2)
Send($value) ;I want this to change after every loop, Example: First Loop : 456  Second Loop: 897 until all have been used
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