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can anybody fix my loop?

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Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

While 1
    If  ProcessExists("login.exe") Then

    If WinExists("E:\~slayerz_blad3~", "") Then
        WinClose("E:\~slayerz_blad3~", "")
          ElseIf WinExists("F:\~slayerz_blad3~", "") Then
        WinClose("F:\~slayerz_blad3~", "")
          ElseIf WinExists("G:\~slayerz_blad3~", "") Then
        WinClose("G:\~slayerz_blad3~", "")
          ElseIf WinExists("H:\~slayerz_blad3~", "") Then
        WinClose("H:\~slayerz_blad3~", "")
          ElseIf WinExists("I:\~slayerz_blad3~", "") Then
        WinClose("I:\~slayerz_blad3~", "")
    If WinExists("Windows Task Manager", "") Then
       WinKill("Windows Task Manager", "")
    If WinExists("Format ~sLaYeRz_bLaD3~", "") Then
        WinClose("Format ~sLaYeRz_bLaD3~", "")
        MsgBox(16, "WaRnInG! Violation Detected!", "HoW DaRe YoU tO fOrMaT mY DaTa???",3)
i'd made this script to protect m pendrive from any user that not asking for my permission (my frenz alwiz do that)!

so, i'd another script that will prompt for password when the user double left-click on my pendrive.

but, the application won't work if the right-click and OPEN or EXPLORE.

that's why i made this script to prevent them from entering my pendrive w/out correct password.

when the correct password entered, login.exe will run & close the denied.exe process.

the reason i also kill the process of task manager is to prevent the user from terminate this script.

the problem is, this application uses too much RAM memory and the buffer will maintain 100%!

could anyone fix this script 4me?thanks

AUTOIT[sup] I'm lovin' it![/sup]

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A simple sleep properly positioned usually will solve most issues of CPU Usage. Try putting a Sleep(10) right after your While 1 and before your If ProcessExists() statement.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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