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How to set RGB color code

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The setting for RGB color is strange, like 0x8080ff , how can I know what is the code for white color?


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'Googling' you can found many tools for get color's code, like this online tool and this chart.

You can view that white color in HEX Format is: 0xFFFFFF, in RGB is 255,255,255.

Additionally, some from my old library of functions, modify it as you need it:

;// Converter: RGB To Hexadecimal format (parameters "Red, Green, Blue" (0-255)
Func _RGB2HEX($_rgb)
    $rgbComp = StringSplit( StringStripWS($_rgb, 8), ',')
    Return Hex( BitAND($rgbComp[1], 255), 2) & Hex( BitAND($rgbComp[2], 255), 2) & Hex( BitAND($rgbComp[3], 255), 2)

;// Converter: Hexadecimal To RGB format
Func _HEX2RGB($_hex)
    Local $R = Dec(StringMid($_hex, 1, 2))
    Local $G = Dec(StringMid($_hex, 3, 2))
    Local $B = Dec(StringMid($_hex, 5, 2))
    Return $R & ',' & $G & ',' & $B

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