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Comparing Ipaddress!

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I'm trying to find if an ip address is on the correct group

if @ipaddress1 = "192.168.10.??? <<< ---- PROBLEM HERE of what I need. I don't care what the ??? are as long as its in the

192.168.10 <--- area

MsgBox(0, "IP Address", "Your Internal IP Address is: " & @IPAddress1)


MsgBox(0, "IP Address", "Your External IP Address is: " & $PublicIP)


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Needs a bit of error checking, but...

ConsoleWrite(" " & SameGroup("", "", 3) & @CR)
ConsoleWrite(" " & SameGroup("", "", 3) & @CR)

Func SameGroup($sIPAddress, $sMaster, $iLevel)
  Local $iI, $aIPAddress, $aMaster

  $aIPAddress = StringSplit($sIPAddress, ".")
  $aMaster    = StringSplit($sMaster   , ".")
  for $iI = 1 to $iLevel
    if $aIPAddress[$iI] <> $aMaster[$iI] then
      Return False
  Return True
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