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FTP function with recursive call

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I'm trying to write a function ("_FTPFolderTree") to get all accessable (Sub-)Folders from a FTP-Server.

What it should do:

- switch the directory with _FTPSelectFolder() (to check if it's readable)

- if accessable:

--- store the foldername (as a string, seperated by @LF)

--- search for subfolders with _FTPFileFindFirst() and _FTPFileFindNext()

--- recursively call the function for each subfolder, storing the return in the seperated string

- return the string containing the foldernames

Unfortunately the recursive call doesn't seem to work correct. The function returns only the first sublevel of folders without going deeper. I tried a lot :whistle:, but these damned recursive calls... now it looks like I need some educated help :)

The problem might also be in my way to use _FTPFileFindFirst() or _FTPFileFindNext(). I also had an eye on the DLLStruct (not familiar with that - what does that do?) and the searchhandle . I tried to rewrite my function, so the searchhandle is closed before the subfolders are searched, but this only blasted the running time and returned strange things... :lol:

Here is a dummy file including the function and a main program trying to read from ftp.mcafee.com:

(other FTP-functions in the file are taken from FTP.au3 by Wouter van Kesteren, Beast and Dick Bronsdijk, but slightly changed to work with the opened wininet.dll)

_FTPFolderTree_Dummy.au3 (AutoIt Version: (beta))

Here is the source for the function:

func _FTPFolderTree($l_FTPSession, $s_Remote = "") 
    ; on success: returns string of readable folders (seperated by @LF)
    ; on failure: returns empty string and sets error to 1
    ; $l_FTPSession  - The Long from _FTPConnect()
    ; $s_Remote      - the foldername from where to search the subfolders - empty string = root folder
    if StringLeft($s_Remote,1) = "/" then $s_Remote = StringTrimleft($s_Remote,1)
    ;try to set the $s_remote directory (check for FTP-read-access)
    _FtpSetCurrentDir($l_FTPSession, "/" & $s_Remote)
    if @error Then   ; no read access , return empty string
        return ""
    Local $l_handle 
    Local $dll_struct
    Local $ret_folders = "" 
    ;store $s_Remote
    $ret_folders = $ret_folders & "/" & $s_Remote & @LF
    ;search for subfolders in $s_Remote
    Local $ret_array = _FTPFileFindFirst($l_FTPSession, "*.*", $l_handle, $dll_struct)
    If @error = 0 Then
        if ($ret_array[1] = 16) and ($ret_array[10] <> ".") and ($ret_array[10] <> "..") Then 
            ; _FTPFileFindFirst has returned a subfolder
            ;recursive function call, pass subfolder as $s_Remote
            $ret_folders = $ret_folders & _FTPFolderTree($l_FTPSession,$s_Remote & "/" & $ret_array[10] )
            $ret_array = _FTPFileFindNext($l_handle, $dll_struct)
            If $ret_array[0] <> 0 Then
                if ($ret_array[1] = 16) and ($ret_array[10] <> ".") and ($ret_array[10] <> "..") Then 
                    ; _FTPFileFindNext has returned a subfolder
                    ; recursive function call, pass subfolder as $s_Remote                  
                    $ret_folders = $ret_folders & _FTPFolderTree($l_FTPSession,$s_Remote & "/" & $ret_array[10] )
        Until $ret_array[0] = 0  ; _FTPFileFindNext does not find anything more
    _FTPFileFindClose($l_handle, $dll_struct)
    return $ret_folders

Thank you for reading my awkward english to the end, I hope someone has a good idea (I trust in you :-)


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