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ListViewItem and Title bar pause problem


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Please, please help.

I need to be able to stop my code from pausing when the left mouse is held down on a list view item or the title bar (the list view item being more my concern).

My code looks something like this-

#include <GUIConstants.au3>


$ListView=GuiCtrlCreateListView("1 |2 |3 ",50,50,100,100)


While 1
    if $Ticks=100 then $ticks=0
    if GUIGetMsg()=$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then Exit
    ;my code that must also be in a continuous loop goes here

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Same problem here.

Im doing a continuos ping program and i what it to "abort" any time with a mouse click.

Can anybody help???


Old Scriptology

Visual Ping 1.8 - Mass Ping Program with export to txt delimited.

Desktop 2 RGB and YMCK - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB and YMCK code.

Desktop 2 RGB - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB code.

ShootIT 1.0 - Screen Capture full and partial screen

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