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Adding Hexidecimal Value's together

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Right i have been writing a bot that reads a memory location of the program bot is for to get t he health value of the mob you are attacking, so that when the mob is dead it automatically gets next mob.

Now the Memory Address that the mob health is stored changes from PC to PC but i have discovered a static pointer thats value when added to, gives the correct location of the Mob health Address.

So the address i want to read is 0x2273207C, say the value it returns is 0CB40E54 if i add 0000177C to this i get 0CB425D0 which is the address that when read gives me the Mobs health.

So how do i read the location and add 000177C to its Value in AutoIt?

$Process = 'test.exe'
$PID = ProcessExists($Process)
$Address = 0x2273207C
$OpenProcess = _MemOpen(0x38, False, $PID)
$moblocation = _MemRead($OpenProcess, $Address, 4) ; So this would return 0CB40E54

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