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Issue with Vista...


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I dont know what i did wrong, but it seems a prog i made for one of my games no longer functions in vista... it runs but it doesnt seem to do what its supposed to,,,

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
$game = "Map of Llirrem (English Province)    You're at RestartNearTown"

WinSetOnTop($game, "", 0)

GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)
$lastpos = WinGetPos ( "MoveQuest" ) 
$pos = WinGetPos ( "MoveQuest" ) 
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then 
    $lastpos[0] = $pos[0]
    $lastpos[1] = $pos[1]
    $lastpos[2] = $pos[2]
    $lastpos[3] = $pos[3]
    $pos = WinGetPos ( "MoveQuest" ) 
    WinMove ( $game,"", $pos[0]+3, $pos[1]+29, $pos[2]-6 , $pos[3]-32 )
if wingetstate("MoveQuest") = 15 then

until 1 = 2

Basically, its supposed to create a GUI, move the game window into the GUI, and that lets me move the game window around as i see fit, so i dont need it running at 1680 x 1050 res (what my laptop is at now)

It worked in XP, why doesnt it work in vista? Somone please help!

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Look up in the helpfile see under "Using AutoIT" and the look up "AutoIt on Windows Vista".

Hope this helps :whistle:

It doesnt seem to ask for admin rights to run, and i am an admin so i should not have problems running it... and i do get it to run, it just does not resize the game window...

lmao im such a noob...

select the exe... run as admin... duh >.<

So #requireadmin will automatically make the script run as an admin?

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Don't use Vista. It is a POS. Wait a minimum of a year before using it, otherwise it will suck just like XP did when it first came out. That is just my two cents. :whistle:

-The Kandie Man

"So man has sown the wind and reaped the world. Perhaps in the next few hours there will no remembrance of the past and no hope for the future that might have been." & _"All the works of man will be consumed in the great fire after which he was created." & _"And if there is a future for man, insensitive as he is, proud and defiant in his pursuit of power, let him resolve to live it lovingly, for he knows well how to do so." & _"Then he may say once more, 'Truly the light is sweet, and what a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to see the sun.'" - The Day the Earth Caught Fire

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