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Decoding EDID for Monitor Serial

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Hey guys, i have started to write myself an auditing system in auto IT (needs to be customized)

As part of it, it needs to collect Serial Numbers from the system

i have been using the CompInfo UDFs from here:


But they dont seem to include a function for getting the serial of a Monitor

I also came across this (in my general net surfing)


Anyone have any idea how to get the same serial that the VB script reports via Auto IT ?

the VBS is way to big for me to tackle a conversion to AutoIT..

Eventual plan is to write it in coma delimited format.

anyone have any ideas?

so far, ive been grabbing the individual bits of info and just sending using MsgBox to ensure it is correct:


#Include <CompInfo.au3>

Dim $Processors, $BIOS, $SystemProduct, $monitor
; Get the the CPU Speed
MsgBox(0, "test", "Current Clock Speed: " & $Processors[1][9])
; Get the BIOS version
MsgBox(0, "BIOS", "Name: " & $BIOS[1][0] & @CRLF & _ "BIOS Version: " & $BIOS[1][3])
; Get the SYSTEM Serial
MsgBox(0, "test", "Name: " & $SystemProduct[1][0] & @CRLF & _ "Identifying Number: " & $SystemProduct[1][1])

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Well.. i have been poking and prodding at the vb script:

RunWait("WScript.exe "&'"'&@ScriptDir&"\MonitorSerial.vbs"&'"')
$File = FileOpen("C:\TEMP\MonitorSerial.txt", 0)
    If @Error = -1 Then
        MsgBox(16, "Error", "No MonitorSerial.txt file exists")
$MonitorSerial = FileReadLine($File, 1)
MsgBox(16, "Monitor Serial", $MonitorSerial)

and the VBS file that needs to be in the same dir as it is attatched, keeping in mind, all i have done to the vbs file (as linked to above) is to comment out all of its echo statements (so it doesnt keep prompting me) and force it to write the line of text containing the serial to a text doco in c:\temp\monitorserial.txt this file is read from in the auto IT script and then deleted afterwards, the final produce will file/install the vbs file, run it, get the info it needs then fob the vbs file off as well.. a lot of effort to go to to get a simple job done, but its the only way i could get it to work...

now, if anyone can find a neater way (or someone who knows move about VBS than i do (which is recognising an echo statement)) and can perhaps provide me with just the part of the vbs file so i can do a conversion to auto IT i would be much appreciated..



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