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Need preformace boost for ReDim.

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I'm writing a script that parses multiple registry export files to an array and then writes out the common keys and values. and I noticed that where ever I use ReDim the performance drops down dramatically.

Here is a script that shows how slow ReDim is:

$total = 12000
;Dim $a_s_lines[$total + 1] = [0]
Dim $a_s_lines[0 + 1]      = [0]

$timer = TimerInit()
$count = 0
    $a_s_lines[$count] = $count
    $count += 1
    ReDim $a_s_lines[$count+1]
Until ($count == $total)

ConsoleWrite( "count: "&$count&@LF&"time: "&TimerDiff($timer)&@LF)

count: 12000
time: 83719.0114944777

I found a way around the slow performance but I just thought ReDim is a bit too slow and probably someone needs to look at it.



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