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Hotkey for Next Song in iTunes


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I want to be able to call a method that will send a message to itunes (minimized to tray) to move to the next song.... is there a way to send a message to an external app and also, does anybody know much about the internal guts of itunes for what that message might be?

I know this is a long shot but I would rather not have to restore the window, mousemove, etc... because a lot of times I'm doing things in the foreground and just want the playlist to move on in the background.

does anybody know if this is possible with AutoIt?

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A wild guess... Itunes might have this already :whistle: I know winamp have global hotkeys and my guess is that Itunes have it to :)

heh, already checked into it. Only the MAC version has global hotkeys. Windows version has hotkeys but only if the window is open and active. Also, is there an "AutoIt" for MAC, and would some scripts be cross-platform capable?

obviously the answer is no if I've compiled my script into a .exe but what about the script itself?

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Well show the script :whistle:

ok, I actually use one script to do a lot on my computer. it looks like this (greatly truncated)

HotKeySet("^r", "commandLine")

while (true)



func commandLine()

$x = inputBox("command", ">")



func iTunesNextSong()

; what the crap do I do here to make itunes move to the next song


having a script like this is actually really nice, I just leave it running all the time and a whole crap load of functions that do nice little things for me as well as a couple other hotkeys for really common things like opening an internet browser, etc...

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