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non case sensitive asci after E0

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Hi there :whistle:

I have got a problem again. ^^

I'm trying to write an encryption with autoit, but if it was ready, i noticed by testing it, that something is not really working.

I isolated this function:

Func _ChrToDec($_CTD_c)
    for $_CTD_x = 0 to 255
        If Chr($_CTD_x) = $_CTD_c then 
            ConsoleWrite("Checking .."&$_CTD_c&" is "&Chr($_CTD_x))
            return $_CTD_x

It returns the integervalue of a char.

But, if it reaches E0 (224) there goes something wrong.

Now i want to show you a part of the output of "ConsoleWrite"

Checking ..à is À

Checking ..á is Á

Checking ..è is È

Checking ..æ is Æ

looks like non case sensitivity

After that i noticed the same some times earlier.

Checking ..e is E

Checking ..s is S

Checking ..t is T

Someone who can help me here?


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use == to compare for an exact match in stead of a case insensative match:

If Chr($_CTD_x) == $_CTD_c then

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Thank you :whistle:


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