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_TalkOBJ help?


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I would simply like to control the speed withint the TalkOBJ function, I tried to mod something thinking, who knows maybe it will work. Here is what I did.

_TalkOBJ("I Hope This Works", 60)

_TalkOBJ("I Hope This Works Again", 40)

Func _TalkOBJ($s_text, $s_speed)

Local $o_speech = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpVoice")


$o_speech.Speed($s_speed) ; modded part which doesnt work

$o_speech = ""


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This one works

;Speak("text to speak", 1-10 rate of speaking,
;0 - 100 Colume
$input=InputBox("Text to Speak", "Type Text")
Dim $voice = ObjCreate("Sapi.SpVoice")
Func Speak($Text, $Rate, $Vol) 
$voice.Rate = $Rate
$voice.Volume = $Vol
Speak($input, 1, 100)

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