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How would I convert this to Xskin?


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XSkin.au3 Demonstration Page


1. A Skinned GUI, Icon and MouseOver ( color )

#include <XSkin.au3>

Dim $XskinID[2] ; the count to Mouseover + 1

; the two following folders are seperate for building skins
; however in YOUR program put them in the same folder
; folder of skin
$Skin_Folder = @ScriptDir & "\Skins\Black-Yellow"
; icon folder
$Icon_Folder = @ScriptDir & "\Skins\Default"

$XSkinGui = XSkinGUICreate( "My GUI", 400, 450, $Skin_Folder)
$XIcon = XSkinIcon($XSkinGui, 3)

$XSkinID[1] = GUICtrlCreateLabel(" This is a Mouse-Over color test", 120, 150, 150, 20)

$label = GUICtrlCreateLabel(" This is the theme button color", 120, 200, 150, 20)
GUICtrlSetBkColor( $label, $btn_color) ; see example of theme uses in XSkin.au3


While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    If $msg = $XIcon[1] Then Exit
    If $msg = $XIcon[2] Then GUISetState(@SW_MINIMIZE)
    If $msg = $XIcon[3] Then MsgBox(0,0,"help",1)

There are no actual xskin labels or inputs... there is just mouse over color for controls with an ID of..



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