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How To Read the names in a game ?


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Hello Everyone.

How can I use _MemoryRead() to read the player's Chinese names in a game? Thank for Helps.

; Function:   _MemoryRead($iv_Address, $ah_Handle[, $sv_Type])
; Description:  Reads the value located in the memory address specified.
; Parameter(s):  $iv_Address - The memory address you want to read from. It must be in hex
;          format (0x00000000).
;     $ah_Handle - An array containing the Dll handle and the handle of the open
;         process as returned by _MemoryOpen().
;     $sv_Type - (optional) The "Type" of value you intend to read.  This is set to
;        'dword'(32bit(4byte) signed integer) by default.  See the help file
;        for DllStructCreate for all types.
;        An example: If you want to read a word that is 15 characters in
;        length, you would use 'char[16]'.
; Requirement(s): The $ah_Handle returned from _MemoryOpen.
; Return Value(s): On Success - Returns the value located at the specified address.
;     On Failure - Returns 0
;     @Error - 0 = No error.
;        1 = Invalid $ah_Handle.
;        2 = $sv_Type was not a string.
;        3 = $sv_Type is an unknown data type.
;        4 = Failed to allocate the memory needed for the DllStructure.
;        5 = Error allocating memory for $sv_Type.
;        6 = Failed to read from the specified process.
; Author(s):  Nomad
; Note(s):   Values returned are in Decimal format, unless specified as a 'char' type, then
;     they are returned in ASCII format.  Also note that size ('char[size]') for all
;     'char' types should be 1 greater than the actual size.
Func _MemoryRead($iv_Address, $ah_Handle, $sv_Type = 'dword')
 If Not IsArray($ah_Handle) Then
        Return 0
 Local $v_Buffer = DllStructCreate($sv_Type)
 If @Error Then
  SetError(@Error + 1)
  Return 0
 DllCall($ah_Handle[0], 'int', 'ReadProcessMemory', 'int', $ah_Handle[1], 'int', $iv_Address, 'ptr', DllStructGetPtr($v_Buffer), 'int', DllStructGetSize($v_Buffer), 'int', '')
 If Not @Error Then
  Local $v_Value = DllStructGetData($v_Buffer, 1)
  Return $v_Value
        Return 0
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Yeah you need to know the Memory address that stores the name you require.

Once you know that address you need to find a static pointer for that address.

Once you know that you need to find the base offset for the static pointer.


Static Pointer = An Address that is always the same, and thats Value + Offset = Address u want. This could be multi level, one i needed recently was 6 lvls, So for example

Pointer One value + 0000000B = Pointer Two

Pointer Two value + 00000860 = Pointer Three

Pointer Three value + 0000AC94 = Pointer Four

Pointer Four value + 0000CC0B = Pointer Five

Pointer Five value + 00000874 = Pointer Six

Pointer Six value + 0000A896 = Address that stores the name u require ( Name will be in Binary so u will need convert binary to text)

Base Offset = The distance from the first Mem address the program uses to the First Pointer.

Anyhow have a look here for some tutorials that helped me out - http://www.mpcforum.com/showthread.php?t=61072

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