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CodeMaster Rapture

Trying to simplify some settings.

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Hello all,

It is my understanding that bit shifting can be faster (and more memory efficient) than having an array of booleans. So, I'm curious how I can duplicate the following C++ code in Au3:

#define IS_SET(flag, bit)   ((flag) & (bit))
#define SET_BIT(var, bit)   ((var) |= (bit))
#define REMOVE_BIT(var, bit)    ((var) &= ~(bit))
#define TOGGLE_BIT(var, bit)    ((var) ^= (bit))

#define SPELL_HASTE     =   1
#define SPELL_SLEEP     =   2
#define SPELL_BLIND     =   4
#define SPELL_STRENGTH      =   8


int SpellsAffecting = 0;

if (IS_SET(SpellsAffecting,SPELL_HASTE))

//Or an easier method:

Since Au3 is designed in C++, do the same operators apply? (&,^,|,&=,|=,^=, and ~)

Just trying to eliminate an array of booleans for the sake of sanity and confusion. One concern I have is what would happen in the C++ code if I set the same bit more than once? Would the same thing happen in Au3 aswell?



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Ok, I've made some progress, just need some help on one function (or understanding of bitwise operation).

Func _IS_SET($bt_Bit,$bt_Value)
    Return BitAND($bt_Bit,$bt_Value)

Func _SET_BIT(ByRef $bt_Bit,$bt_Value)
    $bt_Bit = BitOR($bt_Bit,$bt_Value)

Func _TOGGLE_BIT(ByRef $bt_Bit,$bt_Value)
    $bt_Bit = BitXOR($bt_Bit,$bt_Value)

;Does not work:
Func _REMOVE_BIT(ByRef $bt_Bit,$bt_Value)
    $bt_Bit = BitAND($bt_Bit,$bt_Value)
oÝ÷ Ùh^¬y9Q!2(êv·¬º[ljëh×6
Global $My_Bits = 0

;All bits are set... so now lets try to remove bit 8...

;Mkay... odd, now $My_Bits == 8.... So everything was removed EXCEPT 8...

$My_Bits = 0

;Only 4 is set right now... let's try and remove 8 for the heck of it...

;Great, now $My_Bits == 0......

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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