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passing an array to a function

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I want to read some characters from an array and return an array with those characters. Here is the function:

func getword($array, byref $index)
    while $array[$index]=$null
    if $array[$index]=$termstr then
        return $null
        dim $word[1]
        while iswordchar($array[$index])

I'm passing it an array in the last line of this code block:


;adds the terminal element


But when I run, I get this message:

while $array[$index]=$null

while $array^ ERROR

Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.

But I declared $stringarray as an array by using stringsplit(). I don't understand why the function isn't accepting it as an array.

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Here is your code cut down to something that will show the issue and will run by itself:

$fullstring = "stringstringstring"
$stringarray = StringSplit($fullstring, "")

Global $null = 1
Global $place = 1
Global $word = getword($stringarray, $place)

Func getword($array, ByRef $index)
    While $array[$index] = $null
        $index = $index + 1
I'm not sure if Global is the "proper" way to solve your problem, but it works.


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