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Pulling out my hair, please help!

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It seems so simple, yet it is making me crazy!

I've been working on this silly thing for about 6 hours, and can't get it to work at all.

I just want to make a checkbox check when a certain action happens, and uncheck when a different action happens. I know the actions are working, because when I ask it to write text on action, it writes text, but I can't get it to CLICK the checkbox.

Here are the details:

First I tried this:

$action = GetAction();

if $action = 1 then

ControlCommand($tablename, "", 1311620, "Check", "");


For reference: The number :1311620: is the Control ID for the button I am trying to check. The $TableName is the window that the box is in.

Is there another or better way to make a checkbox check then a control command, or do I just have it set up wrong?

Thanks For your help!!!

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search the help file for GUICtrlGetState and GUICtrlSetState

I did some reading, but it seems that the GUICtrlSetState only works for a checkbox that has been created with a GUOCtrlCreate Function.

I tried this:

GUICtrlSetState ( $SelectForOne, $GUI_CHECKED )

But it gave me the error that $GUI_CHECKED was undeclaired.

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What Windows program? And is it XP?

If you can specify what program, maybe we can better help you with your question.

Here is a little example of what you can expect with the 'ControlCommand' function.

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$s_Title = 'CheckBox Test'
$s_Ver = '1.0'

GUICreate($s_Title & ' v.' & $s_Ver, 300, 100, -1, -1)

$chkbox = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox('State', 10, 10)
    GuiCtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)
$check = GUICtrlCreateButton('Check State', 40, 60)
$change = GUICtrlCreateButton('Change State', 180, 60)

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $check
            $x = ControlCommand($s_Title & ' v.' & $s_Ver, '', $chkbox, 'IsChecked', '')
            If $x = 1 Then
                MsgBox(0, $s_Title, 'The checkbox state is checked.')
                MsgBox(0, $s_Title, 'The Checkbox state is unchecked.')
        Case $change
            $x = ControlCommand($s_Title & ' v.' & $s_Ver, '', $chkbox, 'IsChecked', '')
            If $x = 1 Then
                ControlCommand($s_Title & ' v.' & $s_Ver, '', $chkbox, 'UnCheck', '')
                ControlCommand($s_Title & ' v.' & $s_Ver, '', $chkbox, 'Check', '')



Expanded my question and added code.

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