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Wallpaper changer

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I can't seem to post in the example's.

But this is a small tool to change the desktop wallpaper.

It is not very functional in this state, it looks if the mouse is inside

a small square of the desktop and then changes the wallpaper to a file called doom.bmp.

If the mouse move's out of the square it changes the wallpaper back.

place a wallpaper file in C:\windows called doom.bmp for this to work.

you can play with the last "int" in the dll call to make the wallpaper permanent.

I'm not very sure wat to fill in here I can't seem to find it in the msdn library.

If somebody knows were to find this pease tell me.

Why doom.bmp? It was the first wallpaper I found that fit's this tool.

Don't shoot me if I did something wrong, this is my first post.


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