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IniReadSection to an already existing array

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I want to create a small application that dynamically reads a whole .ini file. The problem I run into is that I first read the section names to an array and then read the section content in that array.

$iniSections = IniReadSectionNames("traytip.ini")
Dim $iniContent[$iniSections[0] + 1]

For $i = 1 To $iniSections[0]
    $iniContent[$i] = IniReadSection("traytip.ini",$iniSections[$i])
    If @error = 1 Then MsgBox(0,"nooo","error arr")


@error flag is not set, so that part is fine. I was under the impression that IniReadSection automatically appends the two dimensions the the variable provided, but somehow i always get dimension ranges exceeded.

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I don't know what you mean by append, if you mean that [x] (A declared single dimensional array) becomes [x][x][x] (a declared 3 dimensional array), the answer is... No. You'll have to make your own function to create the new 3 dimensional array.... If I am not mistaken, I've posted something to do this in the scripts and scraps before... I'll have a look.


Yes, It stores the Section, Key, and Value.


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