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Array's & stringbetweet

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I have been trying to get this line . |joist|22|DJ1|Lumber-2x||||||8.000|06-11-03||||||JOIST|

Too split up into multiable arrays . I can get to open the file read the line but I can't get the info IN BETWEEN the " | " to goto an Array[0] [1] [2] and so on.

A kick in da ass in the right direction would be greatly appreciated... " OUCH "

Thanks :whistle:

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Now in the middle of the line it show ||||| can we assign an array to those even if it finds nothing ????

You mean it doesn't already ?

$Array = StringSplit("|joist|22|DJ1|Lumber-2x||||||8.000|06-11-03||||||JOIST|", "|")

For $x = 1 To $Array[0]
    MsgBox(0x0, "My Array", $Array[$x], 2)

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