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Net Send Change name sender?!

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Hi all,

Thnx for looking in to this. Underneath is the script from CyberSlug (who i want to give credit for it's script). I added it al little but ran into the following problem. When receiving a message i only see the computername were it came from, but i want to see the username. (in cmd if i do "net name" it gives the computername and the username who is logged on) i tried to build in something like net name "computername" /delete so only the username would be left to display but this doesn't work. any idea's?

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version: (beta)

Author: Pieter

Script Function:

Template AutoIt script.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here

; Proof-of-Concept for a net-send-based messenger program

; CyberSlug: Original code 3 July 2004

; Revised for new GUI syntax 10 December 2004

; Gui Recode to 3.1.1 15 August 2005

; Update with own code by evod510 2005

; Update by CyberSlug 12 Oct 2005: autoscroll via ^{End} and using arrays....

; Update by Pieter 20-3-2007: Made autoscroll functionable it didn't work, made usable for dutch windows system, made an if.. then.. for differences _

; in usernames. Made Name of Sender completely visable and made an error code when messenger is not running incl. instuctions _

; on how to activate it.

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

RunWait("net start messenger","",@SW_HIDE);Make sure messenger service is running

Opt("WinWaitDelay", 10) ;speeds things up a little

$MyGui = GuiCreate("messenger 1.0", 450,359,(@DesktopHeight-392)/2, (@DesktopHeight-359)/2 , 0x04CF0000)

;Controls might have word-wrap and/or read-only styles... maybe also styles to always show scroll bar...

$txt_output = GuiCtrlCreateEdit("", 10, 10, 433, 170, 0x50231904, 0x00000200)

;$txt_input = GuiCtrlCreateEdit("Message goes here.", 10, 230, 370, 70, 0x50231104)

$txt_input = GuiCtrlCreateEdit("Type hier je berichtje.", 10, 230, 370, 40, 0x50231104)

GuiCtrlSetState($txt_input, $GUI_FOCUS);default control with focus

$button_send = GUICtrlCreateButton("{Enter} == Send", 20, 300, 150, 30)

$checkbox_topmost = GuiCtrlCreateCheckbox("Always On Top", 210, 190, 150, 30, $BS_PUSHLIKE);looks like button....

GuiCtrlSetState($checkbox_topmost, $GUI_CHECKED);checkbox will be pushed in by default

$button_sendclear = GUICtrlCreateButton("Clear", 10, 190, 100, 30)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;CHECHBOX USERLIST NAME START;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Dim Const $NUM_PEOPLE = 14 ;define this constant so we can use it elsewhere in program

Dim $checkCN[$NUM_PEOPLE]

; Note that the array elements are indexed from 0 to $NUMPEOPLE-1

; If all the checkboxes were in a single column, we could initialize all these with a for loop....

; (assuming the names were stored in a separate array or something)

$checkCN[0] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Lily", 280, 280, 100, 20)

$checkCN[1] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Selma", 385, 320, 100, 20)

$checkCN[2] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Mike", 385, 300, 100, 20)

$checkCN[3] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Jan-Willem", 280, 300, 100, 20)

$checkCN[4] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Lucia", 385, 280, 100, 20)

$checkCN[5] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Renee", 385, 240, 100, 20)

$checkCN[6] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Mieke", 385, 340, 100, 20)

$checkCN[7] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Pieter", 280, 320, 100, 20)

$checkCN[8] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Seties", 280, 340, 100, 20)

$checkCN[9] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Stagiere", 385, 260, 100, 20)

$checkCN[10] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Toshiba", 175, 340, 100, 20)

$checkCN[11] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Philips", 175, 320, 100, 20)

$checkCN[12] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Balie", 175, 300, 100, 20)

$checkCN[13] = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox ("Koffie kamer", 175, 280, 100, 20)

;$MainCheck = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Select/Unselect", 30, 330, 120, 20)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;CHECHBOX USERLIST NAME END;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


GUICtrlSendMsg($txt_input, 0xB1, 0, 99999);I want the sample text message to be highlighted upon start

WinSetOnTop($MyGui, "", 1);always on top by default...


While 1

sleep(5);sleep to prevent maxing out the CPU

; I want to trap the Enter key (but only when this GUI is active) so that it causes

; the message in the textbox to be send

If WinActive($MyGui) Then

HotKeySet("{Enter}", "EnterSends");register hotkey when our GUI messenger window is active


HotKeySet("{Enter}");un-register hotkey otherwise


; Constantly poll to see if a Net Send Popup has appeared. If so, grab its contents and close it.

If WinExists("Messenger-service","Bericht van") Then

Local $i, $t = ""

$text = StringSplit( StringReplace(WinGetText("Messenger-service","Bericht van"),@CRLF,@LF) , @LF)

WinClose("Messenger-service","Bericht van")

$sender = StringMid($text[2], 13, StringInStr($text[2]," to ")-14 )

$t = ""

For $i = 4 to $text[0]

$t = $t & $text[$i] & @CRLF


$t = StringStripWS($t, 2);strip trailing whitespace

; Display contents from the Popup in the form '<TIME> SENDER: Message'

GUICtrlSetData($txt_output, GUICtrlRead($txt_output) & "<" & @Hour & ":" & @Min & ":" & @Sec & "> " & $sender & ": " & $t & @CRLF)

ControlFocus($MyGui, "", $txt_output)


;ControlFocus($MyGui, "", $txt_input);return focus back to the input field

ControlFocus($MyGui, "", $txt_input)

If WinActive ( "messenger 1.0") Then

TrayTip("clears any tray tip","",0)


TrayTip("messenger 1.0", "Bericht ontvangen!", 600, 1)




$msg = GuiGetMsg() ; Get any GUI messag events


Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE


Case $msg = $button_send


Case $msg = $button_sendclear


Case $msg = $checkbox_topmost

If GUICtrlRead($checkbox_topmost) = 1 Then

WinSetOnTop($MyGui, "", 1);checked for 'always on-top' window


WinSetOnTop($MyGui, "", 0);unchecked for normal window





Func EnterSends()

ControlFocus($MyGui, "", "Edit2")

If StringStripWS(GUICtrlRead($txt_input), 3) = "" Then Return

Local $message = """" & GUICtrlRead($txt_input) & """" ;wrap message in quotes

Local $message2 = @ComputerName & " : " & GUICtrlRead($txt_input) ;wrap message in quotes

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;CHECHBOX USERLIST NAME 2 START;;;;;;;;

For $index = 0 to $NUM_PEOPLE-1

If GUICtrlRead($checkCN[$index]) = 1 Then ;check the checked state of each box

$recipient = ControlGetText($MyGui,"",$checkCN[$index]);conveniently, the text of the checkbox is the recipient...

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;use this if text of checkbox is not the recipient...

if $recipient = 'Lily' then $recipient = 'YpeE'

if $recipient = 'Selma' then $recipient = 'MorS'

if $recipient = 'Mike' then $recipient = 'PilM'

if $recipient = 'Jan-Willem' then $recipient = 'ArnJ'

if $recipient = 'Lucia' then $recipient = 'NauL'

if $recipient = 'Renee' then $recipient = 'PolR'

if $recipient = 'Mieke' then $recipient = 'VooM'

if $recipient = 'Pieter' then $recipient = 'GemP'

if $recipient = 'Seties' then $recipient = 'KanS'

if $recipient = 'Stagiere' then $recipient = 'NucS'

if $recipient = 'Toshiba' then $recipient = 'PC-6F2P

if $recipient = 'Philips' then $recipient = 'PC-4F2P'

if $recipient = 'Balie' then $recipient = 'PC-1NZ'

if $recipient = 'Koffie kamer' then $recipient = 'PC-FQL'

;Run('net send ' & $recipient & ' "' & $message & '"', '', @SW_HIDE)

;$exitcode = RunWait(@comspec & " /c net send "& $recipient &" "& $message,"",@sw_hide)

if RunWait(@comspec & " /c net send "& $recipient &" "& $message,"",@sw_hide) == 2 Then

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;error code when messenger is not running

MsgBox(262192, $recipient,"Messenger moet gestart worden!, Rechterklik op deze computer-> beheren. Klik _

vervolgens op -services en toepassingen- en dan rechts in beeld dubbelklikken op services. Dan ga _

je naar -messenger- waarop je dubbel klikt. Onder 't tabblad algemeen zet je opstarttype op automatisch en klik je _

rechtsonder op -toepassen-. Klik op -OK- en dan op De Service -starten-.")


;MsgBox(48, $exitcode,"")




;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;CHECHBOX USERLIST NAME 2 END;;;;;;;;;

GuiCtrlSetData($txt_output, GUICtrlRead($txt_output) & "<" & @Hour & ":" & @Min & ":" & @Sec & "> " & $message2 & @CRLF)

GuiCtrlSetData($txt_input, '') ;clear contents of textbox

ControlFocus($MyGui, "", $txt_output)


ControlFocus($MyGui, "", $txt_input)

EndFunc ;==>EnterSends

Func Enterclear()

GuiCtrlSetData($txt_output, '') ;clear contents of textbox Message Typed and Received, you dont anybody else to read your message!!

EndFunc ;==>Enterclear

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If you can get the IP-adress (Parse ping output?) you can use nbtstat with the -A parameter. Although this is not a 100% safe to get an username, and you will always have several candidates.

Edited by Manadar

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hmmm, doesn't seem to work. When in cmd you automaticly get to the C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop> folder. Is this info stored somerwere? or is it possible to retrieve the user name from here?

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runwait("cmd /c echo %username% > c:\user.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)

runwait("cmd /c echo %userdomain% > c:\domain.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)

$userfile = "c:\user.txt"

$domainfile = "c:\domain.txt"

$openuser = FileOpen($userfile,0)

$opendomain = FileOpen($domainfile,0)

$userline = FileRead($openuser)

$domainline = FileRead($opendomain)

MsgBox (0, "Logged in user details", "Domain = " & $domainline & " Username = " & $userline)

Oke, got a way to get the username. Now is there a way to add this in the script so the receiver of the message gets the username instead of the computername???

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Manadar, you were right afterall but still need some help.

runwait("cmd /c nbtstat -A PC-4F2PB1J > c:\ipretrieve.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)

$userip = "c:\ipretrieve.txt"

$openip = FileOpen($userip,0)

Now i need the IP which is between the [xxx.xxx.xxx.xx] is there a way to get this info out of the .txt file?

then i need to do runwait("cmd /cnbtstat -A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx > c:\username.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)

this gives mee a list. I need the last name in the list which is always 6 char. long

any idea??

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Oke, i found out ho to change the PC-name to an ip adres:

$ipretrieve = TCPNameToIP($sender2)

msgbox (262192,'IP??', $ipretrieve)

runwait("cmd /c nbtstat -A "&$ipretrieve&" > c:\nameretrieve.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)

$userip = "c:\nameretrieve.txt"

$openip = FileOpen($userip,0)

The only thing i need help for is how to get the username from the .txt file???[/color]

The username is always 6 characters long and is last in the list.

Thnx for looking in to this!!




IP-adres van knooppunt: [] Scope-ID: []

Tabel met NetBIOS-externe computernamen

Naam Type Status


PC-4F2PB1J <00> Uniek Geregistreerd

MCB <00> Groep Geregistreerd

PC-4F2PB1J <20> Uniek Geregistreerd

PC-4F2PB1J <01> Uniek Geregistreerd

PC-4F2PB1J <03> Uniek Geregistreerd

GEMPOO <03> Uniek Geregistreerd

MAC-adres = 00-0F-2F-B4-63-8B


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$Info = _GetMacAndName("")
If Not @error Then
    MsgBox(0x40,"_GetMacAndName()","PC Name: " & @TAB & $Info[0] & @CRLF & "Username: " & @TAB & $Info[1] & @CRLF &"MAC Adress: " & @TAB & $Info[2])
    MsgBox(0x20,"_GetMacAndName()", "Connection timed out. We were unable to get the mac-adress and name of the remote computer.")

Func _GetMacAndName($g_IP)
    Dim $Return[3]
    $PID = Run(@ComSpec & " /c nbtstat -A " & $g_IP,@ScriptDir,@SW_HIDE,2)
    While ProcessExists($PID)
    $nRead = StdoutRead($PID,1024)
    $Mac = StringRegExp($nRead,"([A-F0-9]{2}-?){6}",2)
    If Not @error Then
        $RegExp = StringRegExp($nRead,"[^\n]+<..>",3)
        If Not @error Then
            $Return[0] = StringStripWS(StringTrimRight($RegExp[0],4),8)
            $Return[1] = StringStripWS(StringTrimRight($RegExp[UBound($RegExp)-1],4),8) ;this supposedly returns username on some computers..  I know it doesn't do on mine..
            $Return[2] = $Mac[0]
            Return $Return
    Return 0

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Thnx, didn't work on my machine either. I made the script look for the user while comparing to a user list. That worked out great.

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Thnx, didn't work on my machine either. I made the script look for the user while comparing to a user list. That worked out great.

Happy to help. :whistle:

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