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Help for a new autoit-er

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I'm trying to fix a bot for WoW, but the problem is, when a specific dialogue box opens, telling me to input the type of battleground i am going into(AV,AB, or WSG)

I get a syntax error, heres the source, can anybody help?

if $whatbg = "AB" OR if $whatbg = "AV" OR if $whatbg = "WSG" Then

IniWrite("bgbot.ini", "Misc", "BattlegroundName", $whatbg)


MsgBox(0, "ERROR!", "Syntax error. PvP Bawt will now exit.")



The error i get is: if $whatbg = "AB" OR if $whatbg = "AV" OR if $whatbg = "WSG" Then

if $whatbg = "AB" OR ^ERROR

"If" statements must have a "Then" keyword.

What I am trying to do is in the box i type AV, WSG or AB in, it will write my input to the .ini file, then go on to the next dialogue box, but i can't get past that error.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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try this:

if ($whatbg = "AB") OR ($whatbg = "AV") OR ($whatbg = "WSG") Then

best regards,


Any of my own codes posted on the forum are free for use by others without any restriction of any kind. (WTFPL)

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