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USB Missile Launcher

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I maded a program to shoot missiles at people when they touch your computer.

Only does something if you own a USB missile launcher.

Which is This thing: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/86b8/

Use the resolution 1280, 1024 to make sure nothing messes up, but it has worked on some 1440, ???? resolution.

Uses the original UI for the missile launcher, so if you have a custom one, don't bother.

Warning: mouse WILL GET STUCK in top left corner after all three missiles fired.

Hit the "q" key at any time to exit the program.

It's still a work in progress, but the general use works. (adding changeable exit key, and a GUI with some extra options, general improvements to missile launching sequence)


#include <Misc.au3>
#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoIt Version: (beta)
Author: Alex
Comment(?) All GUI pieces made with Koda GUI generator. Though there are none yet.
Description: Launches Missiles at intrudars!

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
$Program = 0 ;Sets program not running
$Count = 0 ;Sets zero missiles launched
$suspendvar = 0 ;When this goes to one, stop first loop and go to the other one.

HotKeySet ( "q", "Terminate" ) ;Set Key "q" to undo Mouse Trap (and Exit program)

do ;loop

$pos = MouseGetPos()

If WinExists ( "Missile Launcher") = 1 then $Program = 1 & WinActivate ( "Missile Launcher", "Missile Launcher" ) ; If Program open, set $program to 1 and activate it (so it's on top)
If winexists ( "Missile Launcher" ) = 0 then $program = 0
If $Program = 0 then RunProg() ;If Program not open, open it.
If $pos[0] <> MouseGetPos(0) Or $pos[1] <> MouseGetPos(1) Then Attack() ;$pos[0] greater than or less than previous value, go to attack()
until $suspendvar = 1 ;If launched more than two missiles, Stop this loop

while $suspendvar = 1 ;More than three missiles fired, so loop this now.
If $count > 2 then Suspend() ; If all missiles launched, trap mouse
WEnd ;end loop.

Func RunProg()
Run ( @ProgramFilesDir & "\USB Missile Launcher\Missile_Launcher.exe" ) ;runs missile program
$Program = 1 ; Sets program as open
WinActivate ( "Missile Launcher", "Missile Launcher" )
WinMove ( "Missile Launcher", "", 296, 291 )

Func Attack()
sleep (400)
WinActivate ( "Missile Launcher" ) ;Activates Missile launcher window (so it's on top)
WinMove ( "Missile Launcher", "", 296, 291 )
MouseClick ( "left" , 775, 621 ) ;Changing this to hit enter later
$count = $count + 1 ; Add one to $count, because one missile launched
If $count > 2 then $Suspendvar = 1

Func Suspend()
_MouseTrap ( 1, 1, 1, 1 ) ;Trap teh mouse after all missiles fired

Func Terminate()
_MouseTrap() ;Disables MouseTrap
Exit 0 ;Exits

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lol.....i thought i was a nerd before


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