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File Install Function

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Hi everyone, I wanted to include some files into my complie script, file install seems to be the perfect choice but it doesn't work when I tried to build it

Here is a simple script:

FileInstall(@DeskTopDir & "\Background Music\BlueSky.mp3",@DeskTopDir & "\BlueSky.mp3")

It works perfectly fine when I just run it from SciTe, but does not allow me to build and says invailded fileinstall function.

What I want is get some files in my script and extract(FileInstall) them to dekstop or any dest. Anyone can help me find a way to get around this?

Thanks for helping


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FileInstall ( "source", "dest" [, flag] )

The source path of the file to compile. This must be a literal string; it cannot be a variable.

FileInstall(@DeskTopDir & "\Background Music\BlueSky.mp3",@DeskTopDir & "\BlueSky.mp3")

FileInstall("C:\Documents and Settings\LogonUser\Desktop\Background Music\BlueSky.mp3",@DeskTopDir & "\BlueSky.mp3") Edited by Danny35d
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