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Fast Folder Compare

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This script lets you fast compare two directories

it can be used to verify if a folder copy was really well done

hope you'll like it

msgbox(0,"",_comparefolder("c:\temp", "\\remotecomputer\c$\temp"))
#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         Arcker
 Date:           03/29/2007
 Script Function: This function fast compare two folders by using the dir and find command. 
 Return Values : Return 0 if directories are identical
                 Return 1 if directories contains some differences
 Notes : Be careful of the logsize
#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Func _comparefolder($sourcedir, $targetdir,$arguments = " /s ",$directorytag = "<REP>")
    FileDelete(""""&@ScriptDir &"\*.log""")
    Runwait("cmd /c dir "&$arguments& " """ & $sourcedir & """ > """ & @ScriptDir & "\sourcedir.log""",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    RunWait("cmd /c dir "&$arguments& " """ & $targetdir & """ > """ & @ScriptDir & "\targetdir.log""",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    RunWait("cmd /c find /v """ & $sourcedir & """ < sourcedir.log  > sourcedirn.log",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    RunWait("cmd /c find /v """ & $targetdir & """ < targetdir.log  > targetdirn.log",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    ;we remove the directories to bypass directories data differences
    RunWait("cmd /c find /v """&$directorytag&""" < sourcedirn.log  > sourcedirnew.log",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    RunWait("cmd /c find /v """&$directorytag&""" < targetdirn.log  > targetdirnew.log",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
    ;then we remove the header
    local $arrayfile 
     _FileReadToArray("targetdirnew.log", $Arrayfile)
    _FileWriteFromArray("targetdirnew.log", $arrayfile, 3,UBound($arrayfile) - 3)
     _FileReadToArray("sourcedirnew.log", $Arrayfile)
    _FileWriteFromArray("sourcedirnew.log", $arrayfile, 3,UBound($arrayfile) - 3)
    return runwait("cmd /c fc """ & @ScriptDir & "\sourcedirnew.log"" """ &  @ScriptDir & "\targetdirnew.log""",@WorkingDir,@SW_HIDE)
EndFunc   ;==>_comparefolder

-- Arck System _ Soon -- Ideas make everything

"La critique est facile, l'art est difficile"

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